About Us

The gateway organization to foster business and economic growth in the Sacramento region.

To promote and develop business growth for members and provide access to the Hispanic market.


      • Integrity: transparency, honesty, and uphold strong ethics
      • Collaboration: teamwork, building partnerships, and connecting businesses
      • Diversity: inclusiveness in industries, cultures and communities
      • Leadership: trailblazers and stewardship
      • Excellence: quality, continuous improvement and achievement
      • Passion: fierce dedication to our work and community
      • Innovation: creativity and entrepreneurship and embrace new ideas


The Mexican American Chamber of Commerce was founded in 1972 to address California’s changing population, its economy and the impact each had on the local Hispanic community, focusing on educational and economic opportunities in California and the United States. The Chamber worked tirelessly to:

      • Promote business, industry, commerce and culture within the Sacramento community for all minority groups
      • Increase better understanding between Spanish-speaking businesses and the community
      • Encourage the full development of resources in Sacramento as a city and county, as well as the surrounding regions, enhancing the welfare of the local economic community

In 1985, the Mexican American Chamber became the Sacramento Hispanic Chamber of Commerce to reflect the growing population of a diverse Mexican/Latino community. The SHCC has grown to a membership of nearly 700 and we are still committed to the same goals set forth 38 years ago.

The past success and the future of the SHCC are directly related to the commitment and dedication of past and current Chamber members, volunteers and our past and current Board of Directors.

“Hispanics are the largest minority in the United States, with an estimated population of 41.3 million. They are estimated to grow by more than 1.7 million a year.”